Tree, Shrub, and Sod Warranty

Ocean View Landscape Management will warranty to the original purchaser the survival of trees, shrubs, and sod for a full 6 months from the date of installation. Warranty includes 100% of the purchase price and labor to install the plant/ sod.

Ocean View’s warranty includes 1 replacement of the plant/ sod or a credit in the amount of the purchase price to be applied to an alternative plant. This warranty does not include a refund for the purchase price of the plant.

Ocean View needs to be made aware of any issues with new plants, trees, or sod as soon as possible to give time to identify the cause and create a remedy for the situation. The majority of issues can be solved when caught soon enough.

This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, hanging baskets, or roses.
  • Damage due to abnormal weather (e.g., hurricane damage, heavy wind damage, etc), insect damage, disease damage, branch dieback or breakage from negligence or abuse, failure to bloom, or winter damage.
  • Plants or sod which are damaged due to lack of water, unforeseen poor soil conditions, or improper chemical or fertilizer applications.
  • Improper mowing or mowing grass shorter than recommended levels.
  • Excessive traffic of any kind on new sod including foot or vehicle traffic.
  • Excessive or improper pruning of shrub or trees.
  • Damage caused by deer or any other animals that either eat or urinate on the plants or sod.
  • We cannot warranty plants we transplant, only those we deliver and install.

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