Our Packages

Turf Package

Our turf package includes all the necessary services to ensure your lawn is healthy and getting the proper nutrients. The package includes 8 applications and offseason inspections. The treatments include the following:

  • Pest Control Applications (to prevent and eliminate turf damaging pests. Our normal insecticide treatments will not kill grubs, however we can treat at an extra cost)
  • Fertilization’s (we apply 2 high quality granular applications per year and iron/ micro nutrients several additional times per year)
  • Weed control (to prevent weeds and eliminate current weeds)
  • Fungus control (prevention and treatment of fungus)

Each application/ visit we make to your property we leave a detailed list of what application was made and any notes in regards to proper watering or any other proactive measures we feel would be beneficial to increase the health of your turf.

Application Program Schedule:

1st application: Pre-emergent
2nd application: Granular Fertilizer
3rd application: Post-emergent herbicide
4th application: Systemic insecticide
5th application: Micronutrients
6th application: Micronutrients
7th application: Granular Fertilizer
8th application: Pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides

Note: In the offseason between November and February, we perform inspections and will provide any necessary spot treating.

Shrub Package

We offer a shrub program that is an additional protection package we can add on to your turf package that includes two granular fertilizer applications. During our visits we will monitor and treat your shrubs with the necessary nutrients, pesticides, and fungicides as needed. This package protects your investment in your landscapes and is a great way to boost the appearance and performance of your hedges and other ornamental shrubs.

Additional Services

  • Core Aeration (offered in both Spring and early Fall)
  • Tree injections
  • Fire Ant Elimination Application
  • Flea and Tick Treatments or Programs
  • One Time or Temporary Treatments
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