Commercial Lawn Care

Maintaining the grounds of a commercial property in St. Augustine, Florida, is crucial for businesses aiming to make a strong first impression and sustain a professional image. The unique climate of St. Augustine, FL, with its hot summers and mild winters, requires specialized care to ensure that landscapes remain lush and healthy year-round. Engaging in professional commercial grounds maintenance offers numerous benefits, including improved curb appeal, increased property value, and enhanced safety.

Ocean View Landscape Management services several types of commercial properties including:

Condominium Complexes

Apartment Complexes

Hotels & Resorts

Office Parks

Town Home Complexes



Day Care Facilities & Schools

HOA’s & Common Areas

Shopping Centers

Industrial & Warehouse Complexes

Other Types of Commercial Properties

Building Relationships, Keeping Promises

Weekly services working towards long term beautification

Why choose Ocean View Landscape Management for your commercial grounds maintenance?

1. Ocean View Landscape Management is a full service company and we do not subcontract pest control or standard irrigation inspections/ repairs. The advantage for our commercial customers who choose all services with us is that we are fully accountable for all your landscaping needs and responsible for all results on your property.

2. Ocean View works with your budget without sacrificing results. Ocean View consistently provides quotes in line or lower than other vendors. Providing in house maintenance, pest, and irrigation helps us to keep our prices competitive on complete packages. We offer a greater value without needing to add in profit for subcontractors.

3. Ocean View’s managers are always available and responsive. We address issues quickly and quality check frequently on all commercial properties. We earn your business and work to build a long term relationship with property managers, on site management, and off site management.

4. Ocean View assigns a crew leader to consistently service your property. Each property has the same assigned crew leader each service visit. This crew leader is responsible for the onsite crew and reports any issues directly to a manager that is in close communication with our Pest Control division and our irrigation supervisor. This internal communication makes it possible to provide a more proactive service.

5. Ocean View’s landscape installation division can help design and renovate existing landscapes so we can go beyond maintenance for your property and work on long term plans to improve and enhance your landscapes.

6. Ocean View is large enough to handle any commercial properties in North Florida but small enough to pay attention and care about the details. We have not lost sight of our customers’ needs and fill a much needed gap in the market of providing high quality services to commercial clients.


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Ocean View Landscape management has been designed to meet the specific needs of our residential and commercial clients in the North Florida area.