Fertilization and Pest FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

I just had an application and now it is raining. What should I do?

We take care to make sure rain sensitive applications are spaced with plenty of time between application and rain. Our fertilization and spray technicians are equipped with radar and weather forecasts on their phones and check them before each application if rain is in the forecast for the day. Some of the products we apply need water to soak into the landscaping and work effectively regardless of precipitation. We provide a service with guaranteed results if un-forecasted rain affects our results in any way, we will re-apply the treatment once it is safe.

How long does it take for each application to start working

Pest and fungus applications start working very quickly. Weed control products can take up to two weeks for full effects. Fertilizers will start working slowly once watered in thoroughly.

I have a pet how long until my pet can be let outside after an application?

It is best to wait until the application is fully dry before letting your pet outside. Each application dries at a different rate and it depends on the current weather conditions.

Why do I still have weeds in my lawn after my treatment?

Each treatment is unique and targets different weeds and pests. It is impossible to kill every single weed. Instead our goal instead is to promote healthy grass to naturally choke out weeds and spray the few remaining weeds as need.

I have questions or concerns about weeds or brown patches in my lawn should I contact Ocean View?

Please feel free to contact us and we will come and take a look between our normal service visits. Sometimes brown patches can be fungus that flares up, pests, or it could also be a lack of water of a certain area. Regardless of the cause we will identify it and treat as necessary or give you guidance on increasing/ decreasing watering.

I have pests inside my house does Ocean View treat for these or should the lawn applications prevent these pests?

We do not currently treat indoor pests. Our treatments are designed to protect your turf and shrubs from pests and the damage they cause but this is not effective in preventing pests inside of your house or preventing termites.

Is Ocean View Licenced to spray pesticides and spread fertilizer?

We are licenced in the state of Florida to both apply pesticides and fertilizer. Florida requires a licence to provide both services and we are happy to provide proof of this certification on request.

How many visits per year do you make?

We make 12 visits per year on our turf package.

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