Lawn Maintenance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What height does the Ocean View team cut my lawn at?

Typically we set the height between 4- 4.5 inches for St. Augustine grass. This is the ideal height to keep St. Augustine Grass healthy. For other grass types we cut at the recommended level for the specific type/ cultivar unless we have been specially instructed by our customer to cut at a certain height.

Can I contact Ocean View with special requests on how I would like my lawn cut or my bushes trimmed?

Yes, please email or call us. Every property is different and we really appreciate your input and advice on how to service you better.

How often will my bushes get trimmed?

Typically we cut bushes every other week. Some varieties of bushes grow at different speeds some need to be cut weekly and some only monthly. We use our professional opinion to keep the plants healthy and growing in a natural but manicured manner.

How long do you wait until after it rains to mow?

Each property drains differently and has unique soil. We wait to mow until we are sure we will not damage the turf during our service.

What if my service day falls on a holiday?

Our observance of holidays may impact our service days and scope of service during these weeks. In limited circumstances, service may not be completed during a holiday week.

Does Ocean View sharpen mower blades often?

We sharpen the blades on all main mowers each day to ensure all customers receive the highest cut quality possible.

What type of mower do you use on my property?

We use stander lawn mowers. They are 200 lbs lighter than a riding lawn mower and work well for the majority of properties. We also offer push mowing services for a slightly higher price and would be happy to push mow your property if you sign up for this service.

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